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春天来临前before spring








before spring

Toronto is a beautiful city, and the arrival of spring will make it even more beautiful. However, in the moments leading up to spring, Toronto usually experiences cold and harsh winters. No, on Friday night, we ushered in another sudden heavy snow.

The heavy snow came so suddenly that almost no one expected it to come. In the evening, the sky was overcast, the temperature plummeted, and within a few hours, the entire city was covered in heavy snow. The vehicles on the street were moving slowly, and people came out of their homes one after another, wanting to enjoy this rare snow scene.

When we woke up the next morning, we were immediately overwhelmed by the beautiful view. Heavy snow covered all the scenery, and the whole city became white. The trees, lawns and lakes in the park are covered with heavy snow and become more beautiful. Residents were out in the snow to enjoy the wonderful view.

However, this heavy snow also brought some inconveniences. The traffic on the street was affected, so early in the morning, people began to mobilize manpower to shovel snow and clear the road. In the process of shoveling snow, Boweige was the most active among them, and in this process, he always wanted to do the heaviest and most strenuous tasks, so as to make it easier for others. Of course, out of fairness, in the end Everyone assigned the same number of tasks, but it can be seen from the mentality of Brother Bowei that he is really thinking about helping others, and he is not thinking about problems with any thoughts for himself. This is what I need to learn from him.

It was snowing deeply, and until noon, the snow on the road was still not cleared. When driving in the community, you will inevitably encounter a road full of snow. When you start driving on this road, you feel a little flustered and afraid I accidentally fell into the snow. At this time, Brother Hu used his experience living in Canada to give me some tips for driving in the snow. Using these tips, I really felt much easier when driving again. Practice makes perfect.

The day of Saturday passed quickly, and the snow began to melt slowly on a sunny day. At noon, we once again tasted the delicious mutton steamed buns made by our uncle. In the evening, I also watched the beautiful snowy sunset, which was very fulfilling. At the same time, this heavy snow also reminded me that the arrival of spring requires some patience and waiting. Sometimes, we need to experience some ups and downs and setbacks in order to better appreciate the beauty of spring. Before spring comes, we need courage and confidence to face various challenges and accomplish all goals, believing that spring will eventually come. In the days to come, I hope to cherish the arrival of every spring, and hope that we can all welcome our own beautiful spring.

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