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春天到了Spring is coming


温暖的气候,不再寒冷的微风,以及夏令时的来临,都在向我们叙述一件事情,春天到了。今年的冬天和往常相比要暖和不少,大雪下的也不是那么频繁,导致春天的到来几乎只能通过气温的变化来判断, 对此大家内心多少是有些高兴的,因为少一丝寒冷,那些野生动物们的生活也将会相对好过一点。




Spring is coming

The warm weather, the no longer cold breeze, and the advent of daylight saving time are all telling us that spring is here. This year's winter is much warmer than usual, and heavy snowfalls are not so frequent. As a result, the arrival of spring can almost only be judged by changes in temperature. Everyone is somewhat happy about this, because there is less cold, and those Life for wild animals will also be relatively easy.

Maybe feeling the breath of spring, many animals have woken up from hibernation. In the cold winter, these little guys are rarely seen. When the weather is warm this week, we see these little squirrels again. The appearance of the bird brought a smile to everyone's lips.

With the arrival of spring, the green plants at the door are sprouting buds one after another. I believe that soon the beautiful flowers will bloom like last year. At a time when everything is recovering and the weather is pleasant, everyone goes out for a run and plays basketball together, which is even more full of passion and joy.

Spring is the season when all things come back to life. I hope we can, like spring, ignite new fighting spirit, be full of new hope, and live every day well.

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