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春假 March Break



With the arrival of March, we welcome this year's spring break. This winter in Canada has been exceptionally warm. In previous years, the temperature was still fluctuating in March, and it even snowed from time to time. But this year’s winter seems to be really over. In fact, there is another reason for saying this, because my sister's hands can sense the changes of the four seasons. Whenever the four seasons change, some small bubbles will appear on my sister's hands, which will disappear in a few days, and the new season will also appear. come behind. This week, the bubbles on my sister's hands came again, telling us that spring is coming. The big trees outside also sprout new buds in response to the occasion, and the occasional warm breeze blows by, making people mistakenly think that summer is coming.

Of course, the passage of time always makes people sigh. It’s spring break again, and spring again. As the saying goes, "A year's plan begins in spring." I will make good use of this year's spring break to finish the unfinished work, and seize the time to study, so that this spring break will be a good start for this year!

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