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Looking up at the sky at night, the stars hang in the sky like diamonds. I like stars very much, and I also like to connect the stars one by one into different patterns according to my imagination. Looking at the flickering light spots all over the sky at night, my thoughts flooded like a flood, as if I had returned to my primary school days. At that time, my favorite thing was to find the brightest star in the sky every night, and then remember the position of this star. Go find the star again the next night. By the time I realized my situation, a long time had passed, and the posture of looking up at the stars remained unchanged. I really like stars. When I go camping next time, I must watch them carefully and find the brightest star in the sky.

true kindness

Usually in life, I think that as long as the things in front of me are done well, it is already good. But I forgot my mentality and my principles when doing things. Think carefully about how bad you really are at sticking to principles in life. A few days ago, my uncle discovered our problems in principle and educated us. Although I still say that I have to correct myself every day and stick to my principles. But often still very selfish in many ways. Many times after doing something wrong, I often make excuses for myself in my heart. After careful reflection, I realized that this is all because I am not really kind, and more often I want to express myself. From now on, I must stick to my principles, do everything based on my principles, and become a truly kind person.

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