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star child

I recently read a fairy tale, "The Star Child" from Wilde's fairy tale. The plot in it impressed me deeply and I wanted to share it with everyone.

In the story, the star child who fell from the sky had an outstanding appearance since he was a child, and many children were willing to play with him. But in his heart, he looked down on those ugly or weak beings. Sometimes they even abuse small lives and animals for fun.

Until one day his biological mother found him, but her mother was a beggar. Star Child refused to admit that the ugly and dirty beggar was his mother, and resolutely drove her away. Unexpectedly, after driving his mother away, his handsome appearance suddenly turned into an ugly appearance. At this point, everyone has expressed disdain for him, and no children are willing to play with him anymore.

Star Child regretted it. He understood that he deserved it. He needed to find his mother and atone for his sins. But when he went to seek help, everything was hurt by him, no one could help him, and no one wanted to help him. Star Child can only find his mother on his own.

In the process of searching for his mother, Star Child also learned to treat others with kindness and use actions to help others. Later, Star Child was sold as a beggar to the wizard because of his ugliness. The wizard asked him to find three coins in the huge forest. Star Child found three coins respectively with the help of the little rabbit he had helped, but he did not give them to the wizard. Whenever Star Child found coins and saw those poor people in the same situation as himself, he gave the coins he had obtained through hard work to these people. He said to these people, "Your needs are greater than mine." I went back and forth like this three times, and each time I was severely punished by the wizard for not completing the task.

After giving the coins to the poor for the last time, the Star Child returned to the city and was welcomed and praised by thousands of people. It turned out that the two poor people he helped were his biological parents, and their parents were the kings of this country. At the end of the story, the Star Child regained his handsome appearance and became a king, just as described in the original text: put him in beautiful clothes, put a crown on his head, and put a scepter on his head. From then on, he ruled the city located by the river and became its master. He showed great justice and kindness to all people. He drove away the evil magician, gave many treasures to the woodcutter and his wife, and gave great honor to their children. them. He could not tolerate anyone mistreating birds and beasts, and educated the people with love, kindness and forgiveness. He gave bread to the poor and clothes to the naked, and the kingdom was filled with peace and prosperity.

I hope that we can all be like the Star Child in "Star Child" and do things with a heart of love, kindness and forgiveness at the end of the story. As long as we are kind-hearted, our lives will be filled with joy and sunshine everywhere.

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