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明朝那些事儿 Stories about Ming Dynasty





Recently I was reading a book "Stories about Ming Dynasty". The author told the history of the Ming Dynasty in rich and humorous language, and I was most impressed by the ministers during the Jiajing period of the dynasty.

Lu Bing, commander of Jinyiwei. He has received strict education since he was a child, and he is loyal, evil, good and evil, right and wrong. The first thing he did when he was in office was to vindicate the wronged prison. He patiently listened to the prisoners' grievances in the prison where no one else wanted to stay longer, and then recorded them one by one. The grievances are cleared up. He will help upright ministers, help the poor, and stand up and speak out when the emperor wants to punish others. But it was such a person who did not stick to his principles in the face of interests. Not long after entering the officialdom, he judged according to the most primitive criteria: Xia Yan is loyal and Yan Song is traitor. But because of self-interest, he did not hesitate to conspire with Yan Song to kill Xia Yan.

It is said that Yan Song persecutes Zhongliang, takes money and perverts the law, and does all kinds of evil, but Yan Song also had his own ambitions. After the death of his mother, the young Yan Song resigned from office and kept his filial piety. After the three-year rule period, he still refused to enter the court because of one reason: "A treacherous official is in power, and it is unbearable to be with him!" At that time, Yan Song had his own backbone, and he would rather not be an official than join forces with villains. But later, in order to get promoted, he abandoned his conscience and began to flatter the emperor and flatter him. Until finally reduced to a complete traitor.

There is no doubt that Lu Bing wants to be an upright and kind person. Even Yan Song, the treacherous minister, once had the backbone not to collude with evil. But it is not enough to have an honest and kind heart. If one does not have the perseverance and courage to uphold justice, one will only compromise when faced with the temptation of power, money, or even external pressure. At that time, all principles come to naught, and the interests at this moment are the most important. A compromise will lead to continuous depravity, and finally he will become a completely bad person.

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