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旺仔 Wangzai


When I was feeding the cat this afternoon, I found that the freeze-dried chicken in the box was gone, so I was going to put some more into the box. I put the food in front of the cats, and when I saw them starting to eat, I went to the box where the cat snacks were placed to get the freeze-dried food. When I came back, I found Wangzi eating happily in the narrow aisle leading to the table. Since I didn't want to step over Wangzi, I said, "Wangzi, let me go over there!" while I walked around with difficulty in the open space next to him. When I was filling the freeze-dried food, I saw Wangzai stand up from the corner of my eye. I thought he didn't want to eat. Because Wangzi didn’t eat a lot, I planned to wait until the freeze-dried food was filled and then put the bowl in front of him to see if he was full and still eating. But when I turned around, I found Wangzi eating his food quietly, but in a different direction, leaving the aisle open. I was stunned for a moment, and I was so moved that I didn’t know what to say, so I put some freeze-dried food into Wangzi’s bowl, and also put some into the other cats’ bowls. Animals really know everything!

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