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旺仔 Wangzai


Our cat Wangzai loves meat. Ten o'clock every night is the time for the cat to eat, and it is also Wangzai's happiest moment. At this time, the cats would run up from different places in the house waiting to eat, as if they could read a watch, especially Wangzi. He often starts meowing before ten o'clock, wanders around the place where he usually eats, rubs his head and body against us, acts coquettishly on us, and urges us to hurry up and start eating. One night, before ten o'clock, Wangzi started rubbing next to us again. But in order to keep them on a regular eating habit, we usually ask them to wait and stick to it. But Wangzai started meowing very early that day, telling us that he was hungry. So my sister told Wang Zai that if Wang Zai comes to caress her again, we can start eating in advance today. After that, Wangzi walked towards his sister as if nothing had happened, turned around for a while, and then gently rubbed his sister's leg seemingly casually. In this way, Wangzi finally bought 5 minutes for himself and his big family to start the meal in advance. This incident really made me realize once again that all things are animistic. Small animals can understand what we say, they also have their own little thoughts, and they express their emotions to us in their own way.

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