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旺仔与大金的散步日记 Wangzai and Big Gold's Walking Diary






It has been more than a year since Dajin and Wangzai took a walk in the yard last time. Taking advantage of the sunny day, today we took Da Jin and Wang Zai to the yard for a walk.

We put a leash on Dajin and Wangzai to prevent them from being attracted by some small animals and running away. Although the bondage of the leash made them feel uncomfortable for a while, it can be seen that they are very happy: their tails are raised high, and they are curiously sniffing and smelling; grunt. The small animals in the yard were eating melon seeds in a relaxed manner. At this time, two "sacred beasts" suddenly came, and they all ran away quickly, watching and waiting from afar. The squirrels ran quickly over the fence, and occasionally a few bold birds landed on the bird feeder to peck a few melon seeds. After a while, Wangzai and Dajin fully adapted to the surrounding environment, going up and down the steps to the grass. So the two cats began to perform their own duties.

Previously blocked by doors and windows, every time Wang Zai saw small animals outside, he scratched the glass anxiously, this time he can finally show his skills! I saw that his ears were pricked up to keep vigilance all the time, his eyes were fixed on the rustling and moving bushes, his body slightly bent down, and he assumed a posture of attacking at any time. Several times when Wangzai was only one step away from the little squirrel, he was still restrained by the leash. "Hmph, if there is no rope, none of you can escape!"

On the other side, there is a different style of painting... After Da Jin went down to the grass, he sniffed around, and then lay down on the ground, enjoying the beautiful summer afternoon. Occasionally he saw a few birds flying by and little squirrels running past, but he was not in a hurry at all, and he didn't even take it to heart. After a while, Da Jin found something more interesting: the grass beside the steps. He stood up, walked up and down the steps and sniffed for a while, and then became "obsessed with food and couldn't help it". Just when Daddy Wangzai had already started to attack, Dajin tasted almost all the grass in that piece! "Hey, that grass is too fragrant, um... this one is also good..."

The sun is getting higher and higher and hotter, and when the little animals in the yard are still anxiously thinking about when the "beast" will leave, it is finally time for the cats to go back to the house. Despite how reluctant they were, Wang Zai and Da Jin obediently crossed the threshold and returned to the house. At the end of the happy time, everyone seemed unsatisfied. Several times in the afternoon, I saw Da Jin sitting at the door of the screen window and looking at the yard through the glass. At this moment, he should be thinking about the birds, squirrels, and of course the delicious grass in the yard!

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