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新抓板 New Scratching Post


Last week we bought a new scratching post for the cats and the wavy scratching posts are a big hit with the cats. Cats will scratch every time they are in a bad mood or bored. One morning, the cats went back to the house to eat snacks and then went to bed as usual. They sit around my feet, waiting for snacks. Suddenly, Nuanbao noticed the new scratching board on the side. She slowly approached the fresh object, smelled it and then jumped on it, "Kaka, kaka, kaka". This attracts the attention of other cats. Yuanbao was the second to come to the new scratching board. After grabbing the board, he nestled directly on it, squinting his eyes and looking very comfortable. At this time, Dad Wangzi also came to the new scratching board. I think he also wanted to experience the joy of catching the new scratching board. But he did not drive Xiao Yuanbao away immediately. Instead, he stood next to the scratching board and started licking his son's head. While the heartwarming scene between father and son was going on, Wangzi suddenly hugged little Yuanbao's head and knocked it aside, so Yuanbao was successfully knocked over to the ground. Wangzai saw the right opportunity, jumped on the scratching board, clicked, clicked, and walked away happily. Yuan Bao was left in a daze, "What happened?" It turns out that cats also know how to be polite before fighting!

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