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“新年祝福:希望与感恩伴随幸福前行”"New Year's greetings: Hope and gratitude accompany happiness"



"New Year's greetings: Hope and gratitude accompany happiness"

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. First of all, in the new year, I wish my uncle and aunty to be accompanied by health and happiness in the new year, and the road to success will become wider and wider. New year, new hope, wish mom and dad all the best wishes for the new year. I wish that all people and animals in need can get help from others. Looking back on the many words of gratitude and happiness in 2023, I don’t know how to express them, but I will definitely express them with more practical actions. I wish the elders and everyone around me to forget all the troubles in 2023, be surrounded by good luck every minute and second in 2024, and spend every day happily.

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