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Every time I see Brother Allen writing news, I feel very relaxed. There are many news topics, because I can’t always think of suitable topics, so this week I want to read the news that everyone wrote before, and find some news inspiration , but when I was watching, I had a lot of feelings, especially the change in mentality. I used to feel that writing news was like completing a task, but now I feel that writing news itself not only allows us to have a fixed time every week to review What happened in a week, and it made us more aware of the changes that happened to everyone. Especially for my own news, I used to make up the number of words. Even though I am still making up the number of words, I still hope to write something meaningful. Before coming to my uncle's place, I used to have no confidence in myself, and I wanted to give up when I encountered difficulties. I couldn't take care of myself, and I was as thin as a monkey. But after receiving my uncle's education here, after being influenced by everyone in this environment, and seeing the obvious changes taking place in all of us, I can gradually feel how lucky I am, and how I behave. , moral concepts and personal habits, etc. have changed. Although there are still many areas for improvement, compared with our past, the current state is simply a miracle. If we hadn't come to Uncle, we would never have realized that that state was wrong, so that's why we are very glad that we could come to Uncle, who led us to improve and get rid of our bad habits.

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