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改变的历程Process of change



Process of change

When sorting out the data during this period, we found many articles and news we had written before, and we still had a lot of emotions. My uncle told us very early on that a person’s inner thoughts and states can be reflected in his actions, words and even the articles he writes. Comparing the articles written at that time, not to mention the content and quality, in fact, the attitude towards doing this is completely different. In the past, I mostly had a mentality of completing the task, and often got confused because I couldn't think of good topics. Nowadays, writing is more of a kind of reflection, a kind of reflection on things seen around you or self-reflection. It no longer requires racking one's brains or trying to make up the number of words as before. Under the premise that the starting point has gradually changed, the ability to reflect and write has naturally also undergone great changes. When reviewing the previous articles, I also recalled the previous status and the process of continuous change, and reminded myself again to constantly reflect and try to make progress. In this process, you can see the mistakes you have made before and use them to remind yourself not to make the same mistakes in the future.

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