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揉面 Make Dough


We ate fried noodles at noon today, so my sister took us to make noodles with noodles in the morning. Through cooking today, I learned a lot about cooking with noodles. For example, when making different types of pasta, the temperature of the water used to knead the noodles is also particular. Hot water and noodles are hot noodles, cold water and noodles are more firm, and warm water and noodles are helpful for fermentation. My sister put salt and monosodium glutamate directly in the water of the noodles today, so as to avoid the situation of putting salt in the noodles directly and causing lumps of salt to agglomerate. When it came time to knead the dough, I realized that I lacked common sense in daily life. There is also a reason for kneading dough. Before, I always thought that kneading dough was just a fun thing, but I didn’t understand the reason, such as why kneading dough like this and what is the purpose of kneading dough. Later, by observing Yufei’s movements of kneading dough and my sister’s explanation, I understood that kneading dough is not only for mixing flour and water, but more importantly, through kneading strength and skill to make dough stronger and activate Yeast in the dough, which makes the dough rise and rise. So there is a reason behind everything. If you act blindly, you will not only waste time and energy, but also cause things to fail. At the same time, we must also pay attention to how others do things in life, learn from others and add practical experience, we can improve the success rate and efficiency of doing things.

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