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接受批评 Accept Criticism


As the saying goes: "Good medicine is bitter in the mouth and good for the disease; honest words are hard on the ears and good for the deeds." The ancients were willing to listen to other people's different opinions and accept other people's advice. Nowadays, people cannot tolerate these unflattering words of advice and only want to hear the sound of praise. When facing criticism from others, they find ways to shirk responsibility and do not hesitate to use some "reasons" to explain and defend themselves. Some people even hold grudges against the other party because of this. People's habitual thinking mode when facing criticism is to refute, which is also the reason why individuals cannot truly make progress. "I am happy after hearing it" is the attitude of the ancients when facing criticism. When facing criticism, you should adopt the attitude of "change it if it exists, and encourage it if it doesn't exist." You should calm down and objectively analyze whether you have the problems pointed out by the other party. Secondly, change the thinking of complaining into "How should I change it?" and take action for it. Treat every criticism as a growth, and we will have an attitude of gratitude when facing criticism. After all, if you are not a relative or a friend, why should others take the time to ask your questions and possibly cause you to complain? At the same time, this positive way of thinking will also give us a good attitude and mood. Finally, remind yourself that having a correct way of thinking is the main reason for having a happy life.

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