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换花盆 Change Flowerpot



As the plants in the house grew bigger and bigger, the original small flower pots could no longer provide it with the space to continue to take root. In order for it to grow better, we plan to move the plant to a larger pot. Taking advantage of the break one afternoon, Yufei invited me to complete this matter with her. We first moved two bags of nutrient soil and some tools to the yard, and turned on the faucet in the yard. It can be difficult to separate the plant from the pot as the water holds together the otherwise loose soil. So Yufei first used chopsticks to separate the soil on the edge from the flower pot, and then lifted the plant so that the roots of the plant would not be hurt. We moved the plants into large pots and added some new soil. When you start watering, the water can't seep down and stay on the soil surface. Yufei gently loosened the soil with chopsticks, poked a few holes, and the water flowed down smoothly. Finally, we cleaned and dried the flowerpots and tools, and watered some leeks in the yard by the way.

These seemingly simple things require brains. For example, if there is no loosening of the soil, the roots of the plants are likely to be broken; poking a few holes in the soil when watering can save us a lot of time. So when we do anything, we should think about the way of doing things. Blind action will only lead to inefficiency or waste of resources, and may even lead to failure.

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