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捡垃圾 Pick Up Garbage


With the footsteps of April, the ice and snow gradually melted, and the garbage that had been hidden under the white snow all showed their heads. The ground after it has just rained is very wet, and the plastic packaging bags are lying on the side of the road or in the grass. On the path near the park, we found a small bag of broken kitchen waste: it was obviously blown out of someone's trash can by the wind on the day the garbage truck collected the garbage. Beside the path in the park, there are many foam cardboards deep in the grass. When I see these rubbish, sometimes I think: "Wouldn't they feel dazzling when they see the rubbish everywhere?" It seems that protecting the environment is someone else's business and has nothing to do with me, so I can throw it away at will. The fundamental reason is still due to selfishness, some people have become accustomed to only thinking about themselves. It is very convenient to litter at will, no need to look for a trash can. But they didn't expect that the lives of those small animals who ate plastic by mistake would be threatened. Raccoons are disgusted by people because they are hungry and pick up trash cans. Everything that is not convenient for people will make them feel disgusted and complain. How much better the world would be if people started to think about others and become a kind person!


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