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抱怨与怜悯 Complain And Pity





Complaining and pity are two different attitudes people may adopt in the face of difficult situations, but they can have very different effects on themselves and others.

In life, we will inevitably encounter some selfish, unreasonable and even annoying people. We usually exhibit some negative behaviors and emotions and get stuck in them. Complaining will immerse us in this kind of anger, dissatisfaction and frustration. We will continue to repeat the topic of complaints and express our dissatisfaction with others, but this kind of endless complaints will only further amplify the negative emotions and make us more and more frustrated. sink deeper and deeper. And we also pass this negativity on to others, and people can feel this negative, low vibe, which can lead to alienation from others, because no one likes to be around someone who keeps complaining. Of course, the other party can also feel our dissatisfaction. This will not only not solve the problem, but also deepen the resentment between the two, forming a vicious circle.

On the contrary, if we choose to face them with compassion, things will have a completely different result. Because pity is a noble emotion that allows us to maintain inner peace and tolerance. By having compassion for others, we can balance our own mindset and even change their attitudes and behaviors. When we encounter unreasonable people, we can empathize and try to understand why they do so. Even if we really can't find the reason, we can think about it: the other party is such a person, then he will definitely act in disgusting behavior when facing anyone or anything in his life, so his family, Work and personal life must have been a mess. So what do we have to complain about? Think about the bad mood of the other party, and he may not even know why everything is not going well for him...

So when we face difficulties and setbacks, we should choose to show mercy instead of complaining. Complainers see the problem as a reality that cannot be changed, while sympathizers believe that the problem can be solved. By adjusting their mentality and proactively looking for solutions, they can help themselves and others out of the predicament. At the same time, compassion is also a kind of inner growth and practice, which can help us build empathy and true kindness.

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