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把握当下 Seize The Moment

“正因为有些东西离我们太近,所以,我们常常忽略了其存在。”—— 《奋力向前》



"We look too high, for things close by."

In our lives, there are so many things that we ignore because they are too close to us. For example, when I study with my uncle now, he takes the trouble to teach us and tell us a lot of truths. But as time goes by, these precious principles gradually become dull and ignored by us. Just because we are in it every day, we don’t know how precious it is. People are always full of yearning for those distant goals, thinking that everything there is more exciting than the life in front of them. But when they really give up what they have now and pursue those seemingly better things, and are frustrated in their new life, they will look back and think of those times that they once thought were insignificant, such as the teachings of their uncles, the care of their families... these It turns out how precious it is.

People should know how to cherish and be grateful. When we pursue distant dreams and goals, we should not ignore the seemingly ordinary but extremely important people and things around us. Sometimes, happiness and contentment are just around the corner, perhaps those things we thought we would never lose. Once they are gone, we realize their importance. And life always brings us the most profound revelations at such irreversible moments.

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