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把事情都当作自己的事 Treat Everything As Your Own Business


When we deal with things related to ourselves, we tend to try to understand every detail and think carefully to avoid mistakes. If we use this attitude to deal with all things, the efficiency and accuracy of our work will be greatly improved. To treat everything as your own business, you first need a kind heart and empathy for others. A selfish person cannot do this, because when he works, he always considers whether his own interests will be damaged, and thus produces some actions that are not conducive to the matter itself. An unkind person will regard work as a task, a routine, and only do his "duty". He will not consider the impact on the unit he works for, nor will he think about how to complete the work better and more efficiently. Work requires an attitude. When you do something, you must take responsibility for it. Only by treating everything as your own business can you give full play to your greatest ability and complete your work better.

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