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打篮球的快乐The joy of playing basketball





This Saturday is our third time to go out to play basketball in the spring of 2023. What is different from the past is that this time there is no usual fierce confrontation on the court, but more laughter and laughter.

When I first arrived at the basketball court, I saw many children and parents playing there. As more and more middle and high school students entered the basketball court, there were too many people, and it was difficult for the children to play with these high school students. At this time, Brother Bowei suggested that we should not play a full basketball game. But there is another problem that comes with it, that is, those children will definitely not be able to head-to-head with middle and high school students, so out of fairness (because we are considered the stronger team in this stadium), the two youngest children Join our team of four. Although this is a very normal thing for my uncle, I still can't help but feel a little bit emotional here. Because in the past on the court, most children with poor skills or young age will always be kicked out of the field when they meet older children playing games. Even if they barely enter the team, they will inevitably be treated coldly. But our children don’t have these worries, because most of the time we will pass the goal to them, and create opportunities for them with pick-and-roll defense, and the children will try their best to score goals. At that moment, the game was not the point, but the joy of everyone when the children successfully scored through the assistance of their teammates was the most important thing.

At the same time, in the process of playing basketball, I also discovered a phenomenon. Many people know that the current students are generally of low quality, which is especially reflected on the basketball court, where they swear, foul, and dive at every turn. But many people will gradually reduce those bad habits in the process of playing with students from our uncles. Because in the process of playing, our goal is not to defeat the opponent, but to pay more attention to teamwork, helping each other, and making everyone happy at the same time. When someone has a bad habit, I will also kindly remind them. After a long time, when I go to the stadium and meet familiar people, the atmosphere of playing gradually becomes peaceful and happy.

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