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“战争” The“War”



Nuanbao is the only girl in the family, and her territorial awareness is much stronger than that of other cats. Except for Daddy Wangzai, when other cats approach her sleeping place, as long as they have the slightest idea of "predating", Nuanbao will immediately notice it and let out a low growl to warn them not to come near. Sometimes the other party may just be passing by, and Nuan Bao's sudden anger will shock the other person, and sometimes they may even receive a slap from Nuan Bao. Such a scene happened last night.

Next to the radiator is one of the cats' favorite places. Yuanbao and Nuanbao each found a nest to sleep there. After a while, Yuanbao stood up, stretched, looked around, and decided to change to another nest to continue sleeping. His favorite Wowo was next to Nuan Bao. In order to save travel expenses, he planned to squeeze past Nuan Bao. Just halfway through, Nuan Bao became unhappy. Lying in the nest, but staring at Yuanbao and roaring "woo woo", his ears almost flew into the sky. Yuan Bao was stunned for a moment, feeling baffled and unable to show weakness, so he bowed his back slightly and began to "meow" to confront Nuan Bao. The war is about to break out... Under normal circumstances, if it is the big brother Jin, he will naturally let the little sister go, but it is not necessarily the case if it is the second brother Yuanbao. Nuan Bao's tail slapped hard on the ground, expressing strong dissatisfaction; Yuan Bao stretched out his paws several times to prepare to pounce. Every time Yuan Bao barks, he gets closer to Nuan Bao; every time Yuan Bao barks, Nuan Bao shrinks back a little, but still growls in his mouth. "No, I seem to have encountered a problem." Finally, before the war started, Nuanbao jumped the nest next to him, and began to comb his hair as if nothing had happened, "Humph, I don't care about you." Yuan Bao watched on the spot and did not take the next step. Still feeling inexplicable, he walked aside and lay down on the ground...

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