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In modern times, almost everyone can't live without a mobile phone. The group of "Lower Heads" is getting stronger and stronger, and I was one of them before. I can't count how many times I've had a conflict with my parents because of playing with my phone, and I'd do anything to get it. When I pick up my phone, it seems that the whole world has nothing to do with me, and only immersed in this virtual world can I feel that little happiness every day. Even though there are many things that I am very interested in, but every time I can't resist the temptation of my phone, I don't get anything done in the end, because I start playing with my phone while I'm doing it. Sometimes I don't even know what day of the week it is, let alone discover spring. The mobile phone is like a pair of invisible hands that control my life. In my daily life, I really can't find anything else to do except play with my mobile phone. After I got to uncle, I realized that there are many really happy things. Without the mobile phone, we can assemble the bed together and learn many small skills in life, such as how to cut chopped green onion and how to steam rice to taste better. We go out together to feel the wind of nature, take pictures and discover new things together. It turns out that a lot of fun can be discovered in the book. Thinking about it now, if I didn't come to uncle, it would be really scary to go on like this, because nothing is an inevitable consequence, let alone other more lofty ideals.


The weather in Canada is really magical, and I can't remember how many times I've said, "Great, spring is finally here!" Then I looked at the yard and the ground was covered with a thin layer of snow again. . The leaves of the maple tree in front of the park have been sitting on the branches for the whole winter, and I wonder what happens to the "old" leaves on the tree if the branches sprout new ones? Although the weather in the past few days is still somewhat erratic, for example, when we stepped out of the door on a sunny day and less than 20 meters away from home, it suddenly rained heavily, or it suddenly turned into hail. Even if the weather still makes a little joke from time to time, it doesn't affect me at all knowing that spring is here. The most obvious reason is that because the weather is slowly getting warmer, I no longer need to go out in a thick down jacket. Maybe it's the new shoots from the soil or the green spots on the trees that make me really feel the presence of spring.

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