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成功没有捷径 No Shortcut to Success



"We want to control everything, but we are unwilling to start as an apprentice; we want to gain knowledge, but are unwilling to study hard; we want to get rich, but are unwilling to put in hard work." This week we are reading the book "Strive Forward" At that time, this sentence touched me a lot.

Through the recent period of English learning, I can feel the improvement of my listening and reading skills more and more. Following the learning method taught by uncle, I started practicing English listening and reading from the simplest level one of Bookworm Bilingual Reading. Since the content of Bookworm's primers is very simple, I didn't find it difficult. However, as the level increases, the speed of listening reading becomes faster and the sentences become more complex. You will obviously feel inadequate when reading and listening. Sometimes you will be frustrated because you have heard a sentence many times but still don't understand it. But after getting through the initial stage, I was able to understand sentences and stories very well without reading the Chinese translation, except for a few unfamiliar words. My listening skills did not require repeated listening to each sentence like at the beginning. This progress made me more interested in learning English, and also made me understand that nothing is achieved overnight, and it relies on the seemingly inconspicuous progress and accumulation every day. Therefore, if you want to successfully accomplish something, instead of worrying and complaining about the difficulties you may encounter ahead, it is better to do a good job every day in a down-to-earth manner. As the saying goes, "A rope cuts through wood, and a drop of water penetrates a stone." If you master the skills, you will naturally overcome the difficulties.

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