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Woke up early on Friday morning to find that the outside environment seemed to be completely frozen. Because it rained suddenly a few days ago, and then the temperature dropped sharply, and then it snowed. So now the ground, trees, and road signs are covered with ice everywhere, and even the bushes by the roadside are covered with a complete layer of ice. When you go out in the morning, you can hear the crisp knocking sound on the branches caused by the wind, and you can also hear the rustling sound after walking a few steps on the ground. When we were in the car at noon, we unexpectedly found that after the window glass was lowered, there was still a layer of "glass" outside. It turned out that a thick layer of ice had formed on the window! When the wind blows, the whole ice collapses at once. I have to say this winter has been really dramatic.

test driver's license

Since Brother Shan has almost practiced driving recently, my uncle asked Brother Shan to take the G2 license test last Tuesday afternoon. Because I just turned 16, taking advantage of this opportunity, my uncle asked me to take the G1 license test by the way. There were a lot of people waiting for the G1 written test that day, so we had to wait until we were about to get off work at around 6 o'clock to finish the test. Fortunately, both of us passed the first time, and finally everyone was happy.

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