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懂事 Sensible





When we were young, parents always told us that we should be sensible and learn to grow up. However, many times, we only know the truths told by adults, but we may not really understand them. Knowing is just having a general understanding of things and understanding what they mean. Understanding is the understanding and comprehension from the heart.

For example, knowing that we should respect others is a truth; but truly understanding respect is reflected in every detail, and it is the consideration and care from the heart. Understanding means that when you face the same situation, you can naturally make the right choice instead of passively executing it.

Being sensible is not only about being obedient and abiding by the rules, but also about being able to understand the feelings and needs of others, and really doing everything in life with your heart. Real sensibility is a kind of inner maturity and wisdom, which is reflected in every bit of our daily life.

May we all be truly sensible and learn to understand and care for everyone around us with our heart.

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