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My uncle taught us: "Human nature cannot stand the test." Recently, in the process of doing things, I have some feelings about this sentence. Whether I'm working out, picking up trash, or cleaning, I find myself always looking for opportunities to be lazy when I'm not given a reasonable amount of time to do something. I comforted myself in my heart: "This time I just took a little rest and was a little lazy. I must finish the unfinished things tomorrow." However, when I really thought about it, it was already a few days later, so a lot of time was wasted. Not just recently, but this has always been the case.

I really realized my laziness this Wednesday, when I saw a trash can dumped upside down on the roadway in the middle of the road. It was really cold that day. At that time, I also had the idea of ​​not wanting to pay attention to the trash can. If this trash can is not disposed of, the vehicles passing by will not be able to move normally. After disposing of the trash cans, I noticed two very familiar looking trash cans nearby. After we got home and checked, we discovered that the two trash cans were ours. Because of the strong wind, the trash can was blown far away. After returning home, I reflected that if I was really lazy today, not only would the vehicle not be able to drive normally, but I would also be unable to find the two trash cans at home. Looking back on my uncle's education, I feel very grateful. Although there are still thoughts of laziness in life, it is much less common than before. I dare not say that I will never have lazy thoughts in the future, because many bad behaviors and habits sometimes appear due to my own reasons, and I can correct them only with my uncle's timely reminders and corrections. But I will try my best to restrain my laziness and try to reduce the frequency of this bad habit.

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