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A good word is warm in three winters, and a bad word hurts in June. When someone is sad, a word of comfort can bring others out of their sadness, and a word of hurt can also have obvious consequences. Sometimes even the simplest words can hurt someone. We often say a lot of bad things impulsively because we are in a bad mood or for some reason. Sometimes they complain about others because they are not in line with themselves. But after thinking about it, if someone else said the same thing to me, I would feel very sad. We cannot completely ignore the feelings of others because of our own emotions. So for my own reasons, I'm sorry for the many hurtful things I've said. In the future, I will definitely correct this problem, complain less and be more grateful, and be a kind person who can truly think of others.


Every Saturday we go out to pick up trash, and we often pick up a lot of trash by the side of the road. But after a long time, there is not so much garbage on the roadside, so we went to find a new place to pick up garbage. Finally, we found a lot of rubbish deep in the grass by the roadside. When we pulled out the garbage and put it into the bag bit by bit, we saw the clean lawn full of sense of accomplishment. Therefore, we should not just put garbage people on the passing streets just for our own convenience. How abruptly a piece of white garbage would appear on the green grass. So we should put them in the "trash can" where they belong. If everyone did this, the world would be a better place.

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