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思无邪 Without Depraved Thoughts




Confucius's disciple once asked Confucius: "What do the three hundred poems in ShiJing convey?" Confucius replied, "Think without evil." Although these three words are simple, they carry profound meaning. They tell us that every thought and every action should originate from a pure heart without malicious intent. From this, we can see the lofty morality of ancient Chinese people. "Think without evil" can be said to be the behavioral criterion at that time, with people treating others and everything around them according to this standard.

However, people in modern society act and live in ways that are completely opposite to "thinking without evil." Relationships between individuals have become extremely complicated. People harbor grudges over trivial matters and tend to first blame others when encountering problems. They are petty when dealing with others, reluctant to reflect on their own mistakes, and so on.

By comparison, it is evident that our contemporary society is full of problems, and yet people are unaware... I must strive to correct my own issues, seriously reflect as my uncle advised, become kind, and consider others with a sincere heart, going against the current in this impure world!

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