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思想的变化 Change of Mind






This week, under the reminder of the method taught by uncle, I was not aware of what I was thinking, and finally discovered what I was thinking. After following the method taught by uncle, I was taken aback by my state of mind. I find myself complaining almost all the time, about everything. I found that I have a very bad habit, that is, before something happens, I will think about it in a bad direction in my mind: When encountering this thing, others will think like this and do this to me. Then I started to get angry and complain. When I suppressed this kind of anticipation, "No, everyone is good, and things will go well." I found that no one else was as bad as I thought, and they didn't do that.

However, when encountering certain things, I still complain. After a while, I realized that I was complaining, and I would tell myself "don't think like this" according to the method uncle taught me. I found that the "empathy" method taught by uncle was very effective in overcoming complaints: think from the perspective of others this matter. When I look at it from the perspective of others, I will find that this matter is indeed the case, and that what I have done is not enough or right. At this time, the complaint is solved from the root. After thinking about some things like this, I found that I still complained, so I used another method taught by uncle to "suppress it", and this kind of thinking would be quickly eliminated.

I have to say that I feel hopeful in my life, and I can finally stop complaining.

But I am also very worried, I can still stay with uncle for a few months, because of everything objectively, money, procedures, visas, I am going to university. If this kind of ideological change is not consolidated, once I get out of this environment, without uncle's reminder, I will return to the previous state full of complaints. I feel that my life will become dark again, and I don't know where the hope is. I can only say that I changed too late. If I could have listened to uncle earlier and followed the method taught by my uncle, my state of mind would have started to change. I came to uncle too late, when I was 17 years old, and after I came, I didn't cherish this opportunity.

I hope that I can continue to do well according to the method taught by uncle, conscientiously consolidate this change in thinking, and be a person who makes myself and others happy.

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