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How can one be happy? The owner of a restaurant, Ma Liu thought it was money, so he sought money from Shen Xian. Shen Xian said being rich without morality, it is useless. Ma Liu still sought, then got, being a very rich person. But only a few years after, his money got lost because of various matters, making him a beggar on the street. One day, he knocked on the door on a family, whose man was just the waiter of the restaurant. Seeing Ma Liu he said: it seems what Shen Xian had said is true, and though I am not rich these days, but live a happy and peaceful life with my wife and children. So uncle always says, one is for happiness, not for richness, though richness could bring one wants, but if it is not fit, one could not get happiness, and the more important is sometimes, though you get what you want, you are not happy, so one needs to learn to give up. Later that waiter live to 99, and where is Ma Liu no one knows.


Next week, I am going to memorize a book before, which because of something, is not finished by me. But next there is time, so I could focus on it. In the meantime, grade ten needs to memorize their words of courses, so they could understand the content better. Those words are what uncle asked to be collected, solving many problems. This also made me get something, that being prepared before is always better than facing without. But we are sometimes just too lazy to do it beforehand. It is not right.

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