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态度决定一切 Attitude Decides Everything


最近我们在读一本名为《洛克菲勒留给儿子的38封信》的书。其中洛克菲勒先生说: “只有爱工作的人才能享受到工作为人们带来的恩惠和欢乐。”


Our attitude towards work will directly affect our performance and achievements at work.

Recently we were reading a book called "38 Letters from Rockefeller to His Son". Among them, Mr. Rockefeller said: "Only those who love work can enjoy the grace and joy that work brings to people."

This passage made me quite touched, and it also made me understand a truth: everything has animism. Not only animals or plants are alive, but everything is also alive. Our attitudes and emotions in doing things will directly affect the outcome of this matter. If we can really enjoy and love the work we do from the bottom of our hearts, then the work will allow us to complete it smoothly and bring us a lot of joy and benefits. Conversely, if we are always complaining and full of negative thoughts and emotions when doing things, then the work will also be aware of our attitude, and it will not give us the same chance to successfully complete the work as it does for enthusiastic people. Negative thinking can become our shackles and prevent us from achieving our goals. As Rockefeller said: "If you regard hard work as a kind of joy in life, then life is a bright paradise for you; if you regard hard work as an obligation to advance, then life is for you It’s dark hell for you.” So the mindset we have in everything we do is critical. Tell myself that I am happy with what I am doing, that I truly enjoy and enjoy the process. This kind of positive thinking will help us to get the job done really smoothly and successfully. I hope everyone can try to apply this mentality to life and regard work as fun. I believe that this state of mind will make us more focused and engaged, and our work results will be better.

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