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快乐的狗子Happy dog



happy dog

My uncle said that we can take the dog with us when we go out for activities, so we took the dog with us when we played basketball on weekends. Every time our dog sees people, he gets very excited, especially when he sees people playing basketball, and he even wants to play with us eagerly. The most interesting thing is that sometimes it can really snatch the basketball from people's hands. It is very cute when it jumps around the basketball but cannot pick it up. This week, my uncle also let us go to a dog park near the stadium, which is a fenced-in grassland specifically for dogs to play. Our dog immediately became excited when he saw a group of other dogs playing inside. He was excited to play with them but also a little embarrassed. We couldn't help laughing when we looked at it. When he saw the dogs chasing each other, he joined them, and a group of dogs ran happily on the grass.

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