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快乐的时光happy times



Today is Saturday, and I went to play basketball with my classmates. When we arrived at the basketball court, we saw a group of children playing. Their figures seemed to bring back my memories. Reminds me of the scene where I was playing with my friends in the streets when I was a child. When we played basketball when we were young, we didn't pay much attention to the rules and didn't have too many tactics. We simply shoot, pass, grab the ball, sometimes even confused about teammates and opponents. However, those simple and happy times are very wonderful memories of childhood. Seeing those children running and frolicking on the field today, with innocent smiles on their faces, made us feel very warm.

Ten minutes later, many children came to the basketball court again. When playing basketball with our peers, we always think about how to score more goals and win the game. But today, we basically didn't touch the ball, but exited the basketball court. We are already very happy to hand over the basketball court to these children and see the innocent smiles of those children.

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