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When on the way going to the camping site , it has already gotten dark. The road was lined by high and dark trees on either sides; the moon suspended in the star sky seemed not distant, the color of which was like that of old Chinese paintings. Afterwards, we had dinner near the bonfire, and then went into the tents to sleep, where we could see stars as we opened our eyes. Next morning, we went to a beach in the vicinity, had many water fights, wet ourselves, and then walked back to our site, while sunshine dried our clothes. In the afternoon, we went to another beach to watch the setting sun. When the clouds were being burned,the camping people around began turning their lights on and starting their bonfire; few were still playing on the beach; the night air was continually blowing; and the dusk seemed to have fallen into the tidewater, making it sound a little sad. At night, we used prods to attach foods, put oil, cumin and chili powder on them, and had barbecue over the fire; after, we went to the beach to watch the moon, and did not come back until we got satisfied. We drove back to our house on the third morning.

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