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心有灵犀Tacit understanding



Tacit understanding

The weather got a lot warmer during this time and didn't fluctuate as much as it did during the weeks. The weather has been relatively stable these days and the temperature is very pleasant. During the break, we took the dog to play in the yard. Now the dog is becoming more and more well-behaved, and can now let it loose and play without worries in the yard while people are watching. As soon as someone calls him, he will come back, and he no longer likes to run around like before. It ran happily in the yard. When it got tired of playing, it came back and sat in front of people. It looked at people with anger, its eyes seemed to say: "Finally I have a chance to have fun!" Sometimes it feels like we and the dog are really real. It has a telepathic connection, we can see what it is thinking, and sometimes it can also feel our thoughts. We were happy to see it having fun.

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