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心智的成熟 Mental Maturity




It is often said that time makes people mature. But in fact, mental growth does not happen naturally with age. Although some people are very good in their professional field or technology, it does not mean that they are truly mature. True maturity lies in how we deal with every detail of life outside of work, and how we show our self-cultivation and understanding when getting along with others.

A mature mind is a reflection of a correct understanding of the world and the ability to maintain a peaceful mind amidst the ups and downs of life. People will react differently to the same situation due to different cognitive backgrounds. Immature people may be impulsive and evasive when facing problems, have difficulty understanding the feelings of others, and are not good at learning and growing from experiences. True maturity is when you gradually learn to understand and sympathize with others, learn to reflect on yourself, and grow amidst constant challenges through the hardships of life.

In the process, we are all striving to become better versions of ourselves. Mental maturity is like the scenery on the journey, making our life journey richer and more meaningful.

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