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当心第一次喝酒! Beware of Your First Drink!



This week I read a story about a boy and his Uncle Philip who were out for a walk on a sunny day when Uncle Philip told him the story of old Tom Smith, a disgusting drunkard. It turns out that he used to be a well-behaved and good boy, but later he met a group of bad friends in the city and contracted bad habits from then on. Because of gambling, his mother had to send money to repay the debt. After returning home, things went smoothly for a while. He seemed to have given up his bad habits and married a lovely wife. But one incident ultimately ruined his life. He learned to drink hard liquor in the city, and he could no longer resist the temptation, and he embarked on a road of no return. His mother passed away due to excessive grief and shame, and his wife soon followed her mother. He became a full-blown alcoholic and was eventually sentenced to ten years in prison for theft. He will probably die in prison because he is very old, and he also regrets it in a letter to Uncle Philip: "Beware of the first drink."

A person who is careful about his drinking will never become a drunkard, and a person who is careful about his heart will never become a degenerate. Be careful when drinking alcohol for the first time. How many people are just out of curiosity when they first start drinking and taking drugs, with the idea of ​​"just trying it", but in the end they fall into a swamp and cannot extricate themselves. The same is true for morality. Once the psychological moral defense line is breached, no matter how trivial the evil thoughts and deeds are, they will become more and more serious. "Don't do small evils for small things." Bad people are not that evil at the beginning, but their consciences are worn out by trying small evils again and again. Refuse to be curious about any bad habits and resolutely say "no" to anything bad. This is the most critical way to stay clean in troubled times.

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