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Lucky Lantern Festival

Two weeks after the first day of the new year, Sunday, February 5th is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival. This is the first full moon day after the Lunar New Year, also known as the Lantern Festival, and it is customary to eat Lantern Festival. At noon, we ate the handmade Lantern Festival prepared by my uncle. It tasted delicious and comfortable. It was very different from the quick-frozen glutinous rice balls we bought in the supermarket. In the evening, my uncle also arranged for us to have a dinner together. In addition to eating Yuanxiao, there were also dumplings. Unlike usual, this time the dumplings were filled with coins. According to the custom, the person who eats the dumplings with coins will have a lot of money in the new year. There are only eleven dumplings with coins in one thousand dumplings, and it depends on who will become the eleven "winners". Unexpectedly, Brother Shan and I won the "prize" at the same time, and we ate coins in the first five dumplings, which is really "a tacit understanding".

winter food

On Friday, the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees. That day, we tasted the boiled pork ribs that my uncle made for us. Dipped in a delicious sauce, the hot pork ribs are very comfortable to eat. Uncle also made us fried steak that night, which was delicious as always. But it is worth mentioning that eating steak is a very interesting thing, because it is not only a process of enjoyment, but also a process of testing knife skills. If the knife is not good enough to cut it or the cut is too big, it will be more difficult to eat, so the process of cutting steak has become an interesting competitive process. However, the steak that my uncle fried was just right, so it was relatively easy to cut. Everyone ate deliciously that night.

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