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平淡的美好 Ordinary Beauty


At dusk today, the sunset bloomed in the sky as usual. Although sunset scenery has become too common in Canada, it still feels very beautiful every time I see it and I want to record it with a camera. The orange-pink light and clouds are like the palette of nature, getting darker as the sun gradually recedes, reflected on the dark road, and interspersed with the headlights of cars passing by. The brief stop of the vehicle at the traffic light seems to be a rare respite in this busy life. Sitting in the car, the world around us seems to slow down, allowing us to feel the tranquility and beauty. In fact, scenes like this happen silently every day. Life is full of moments worthy of appreciation and gratitude, as long as we discover and experience them with our hearts. It is these simple and ordinary pictures that constitute the color of our lives, reminding us that even in the busiest days, we should not ignore the beauty and tranquility around us.

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