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帮助需要帮助的生命Help lives in need



Help lives in need

After the rain, you can often see some snails when walking on the sidewalk beside the road. For them, this is a pleasant thing and a restart of life, because in dry weather, they will enter a dormant state and can only be active when they encounter water. But sometimes we see snails being trampled on the ground. Even if we really don’t see the life on the ground, we should have kind thoughts and help these lives. When we went for a morning jog in Xiao Shan, we often saw many snails crawling on the sidewalk. It only takes a minute or two to pick up these little creatures and put them on the grass nearby, but for them, it means the continuation of life. Seeing the trampled snail, I felt very sad. I hope that everyone can lend a helping hand when they see any life in need, so that they can receive help and continue their lives. If possible, I really hope that these lives can live in a safe place for them, and no more innocent lives will be lost inadvertently.

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