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屋顶上的小鸟 bird on the roof





The desk by the window is one of my favorite places. I will practice calligraphy, read and think here. Above the window is the roof, and in the recent period, the singing of birds will come from time to time, which makes me feel happy.

These little birds are frequent visitors on rooftops. According to observations, most of them are young chicks just born at the beginning of the year. They play, look for food, chirp there from time to time, full of vitality. Their voices are crisp and sweet, as if they are bringing joy to the world. Some of the calls were a bit special. I thought that there was a kitten hidden on the roof several times, but I finally found out that it was the call of a little magpie. Whenever I feel tired or lazy, these little birds are like a spring of fresh water to refresh me.

Although winter has not completely passed, but daylight saving time has arrived. The weather is getting warmer, the sun is getting more and more abundant, and the birds are starting to be lively. They are jumping on the branches, chasing each other, seeming to be cheering for the coming spring. The cold of winter makes life difficult for the birds. While facing the cold air, they also have to find food from the ice and snow. Thinking of this, I can't help but hope that winter will end earlier and spring will come earlier, so that these weak animals will be less troubled.

Spring is also the season of recovery of all things. From melting ice and snow, budding plants and blooming flowers, this season is full of hope and vitality. At the same time, the existence of the little birds also reminds me of a truth: no matter when and where, we should keep an optimistic heart like them, and bring a little bit of warmth and happiness to the world in our own way .

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