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“就怕流氓有文化” Education and Ethics




We often hear the saying "Rogues are not to be feared, but they are literate." However, the profound meaning of this is often dismissed by us without thinking deeply. In fact, this sentence contains a very profound truth: once those who originally lack a moral bottom line gain knowledge and culture, they will use these to perform more covert and destructive behaviors.

Knowledge is supposed to be a force that improves our literacy and promotes social progress, but if it is mastered by people with evil intentions, it may become a tool for them to do evil. This phenomenon is not uncommon in life. Although some people are knowledgeable, their behavior is contrary to their education and they use their knowledge and abilities to deceive and harm others. And their behavior may be more difficult to detect and stop because they have the ability to use complex logic and seemingly reasonable reasons to cover up their true intentions.

So when we pursue knowledge and culture, we must first have a good moral foundation. We can't just learn specific knowledge, but more importantly, we must have a correct moral perspective to guide us in using this knowledge, so that they will not become the evil side of the double-edged sword.

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