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People are always complaining, complaining about others, complaining about life, complaining about fate. But in fact, there is a certain amount of suffering in a person's life. It is not hard to endure hardship in youth, but it is to endure hardship in old age. When you are young, you should try to eat all the hardships you have to eat, so that you can have a happy old age when you are old. If you don’t endure hardship and only know enjoyment when you are young, then when you are old, you may be lonely and helpless. So I hope you will stop complaining when you encounter difficulties in the future, and think more about your future.


How do I do it so that I don't have any problems? Only need to do two things: first, insist on reflection every day. Reflection keeps the brain on its toes so that bad thoughts can’t affect you. Second, do everything with your heart. When a person really does something with his heart, his attention will be focused on that matter, and all his mind will think about is how to do it better, so there is no time at all, and he is unwilling to spend it. Think about the bad things.

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