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The gift from birds小鸟的礼物

Updated: Sep 3, 2022


The place where we feed the birds is in a wood with a small mound. About a few weeks ago, when I was feeding the birds, I was about to spread the bird food on the ground, but suddenly I found a black feather neatly placed in the middle of the mound. Although we usually pick up some feathers, but This one is big and neat, like a gift from a bird to us. Since then, we have always found a feather neatly placed in the middle of the small mound when feeding the birds every week. This week was no exception, a neat black feather was placed in the middle of the mound, but the difference was that I was about to pick it up and found a red feather lying under the tree next to it, just a few days later I was wondering why the red bird (cardinal) feathers have never been picked up before, do they always hide their fallen feathers? I am very happy after picking up this red feather, and I am even more convinced that this must be a gift from the bird!

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