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Last night we went to bed. I had found Sean put up a big umbrella outside home. At that time l don’t know why did he do like that, after questioning I know the reason why do that like this, is that he fear might rain in that night, he fear that rain pollute food of animals.

Sean has progressed so much from previous to the present. I have remembered, when Sean just came to this school(uncle’s place), If you stand in one place for a little longer, you'll notice that he's sweating. After coming to this school (uncle here) for a month, I never found anything like this happened to him again. Now Xiao Hu's body is also very strong, the daily normal exercise soon finished. Not only physically, but also when he gets along with others, he often helps others. In fact, every one of us who came to run this school has made great progress. From the original very bad state to the present state is the uncle's step by step education to complete. If we really don't come to this place, change everything for me. We only become worse people in a bad situation.


When we went out to play basketball this week, we saw some of the people we used to play basketball with, and it was really hard to contact those outside people again. Every one of them swears when they speak and almost never cares about the feelings of others. When playing basketball, as long as the basketball comes to any of their hands, they will choose to play by themselves, almost no pass to teammates, which also leads to many people, can not feel the happiness of playing basketball. Think about the state of their own before in fact worse than they are, is to come to the school (uncle here) to get rid of their own vices, just know what is right, what is wrong. Now look outside these students really feel very poor. When these students have not come into contact with society before, they are innocent lives. This is because of poor education and exposure to bad things. If they had been as lucky as ME and had received the best education in this school (uncle here), I believe they would never have become this way. I also hope that more people can really accept good education like me. I hope uncle’s new school will be able to finished sooner, so that more children will be abled to save by uncle and accept best education.

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