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小猫元旦 The Cat Yuandan



It has been half a year since we first met Yuandan. From panting when we first met to sleeping on our legs in a leisurely and relaxed manner; although there are still conflicts occasionally, the cats have also changed from hostility to mutual acceptance. Dandan finally began to let go of his hostility and get close to us, and integrated into the cat family.

In short, Dandan is a smart but silly little cat. The cleverness lies in that when we talk to him, he feels wronged but listens with his ears erect, and we can clearly feel that he is trying to change the habits he developed in the wild: for example, when other kittens are eating, he will put his head next to other people's bowls to push them away and "take over" other people's bowls; or when he feels that his "territory" is invaded, he will punch other kittens hard. The silly little Dandan looks funny and serious when scratching the crunch nest; lying in the nest, turning over his belly comfortably, and from time to time, there is a heavy breathing sound: it turns out that this is the sound of a kitten snoring. Whenever we see Dandan's silly look, we can't help but wonder, how can such a kitten survive in the wild? But then I thought again, it was because he knew there was no danger here and really trusted us that he slept so soundly and without any guard. I wanted to say to Dandan: "Don't worry about the many dangers in the wild, because you have come to a loving home!"

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