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Once upon a time, in a forest there lived a little donkey named Time. He's very mischievous and often does things that surprise and annoy other animals, like rolling around in a flower bed or making a mess of a small bird's nest.

Even though Time didn't do anything terribly wrong, the animals were a bit annoyed by his behavior. They feel that Time always likes to play tricks at the wrong time and never takes responsibility for his actions.

Time himself didn't realize that his behavior had bored everyone. He just felt that he was enjoying every moment of his life and feeling the beauty of being free. However, as time passed, the animals became more and more intolerable to his behavior, and gradually began to avoid him and stop playing with him.

Time felt very sad because of this, he didn't understand why others didn't like him, he just lived according to his own preferences. Finally, he left the forest to find a new home far away.

After Time left, he was missed because despite Time's mischief and troubles, he also brought a lot of fun and good times to everyone.

People began to realize that the departure of Time made them understand a very important truth: cherish time. They understand that time is limited and we can't always complain about it or waste it. We should cherish every moment, pursue our dreams, and enjoy the beauty of life.

Therefore, the story of Time has become a parable, reminding us to cherish time and make good use of every moment. And Time also remained in people's memories because of his mischievousness and joy, and became a little donkey worth remembering.

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