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小山大厨 Chef Allen



Every Monday to Friday, we can't wait to look forward to all kinds of delicious noodles and rice bowls prepared by my uncle. There is a blissful vibe to these dining moments. However, every Saturday night and Sunday night, when the hot pot is on the table, I often feel lost, as if at a loss. And at this time, Xiaoshan is always willing to help me prepare the hot pot together.

Ziteng’s cooking is still delicious, but it’s different when I cook it myself. I still remember when I baked bread for the first time, it was baked into pieces of black charcoal, and I didn’t dare to eat it myself. Homemade meals. Every time I think about cooking for myself, I feel very intimidated. Xiaoshan's cooking skills are completely different from mine. Every time he cooks, we look forward to it. Especially on Sunday night, Xiaoshan sometimes cooks some dishes for us that we have never seen before, which are really delicious. When cooking in Xiaoshan, you should really observe carefully and try to turn your black bread into delicious dishes.

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