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小动物的情感 The Emotions of Animals



We bought some beautiful necklaces for our cats this week and wanted to make them look stylish and cute. We first took out two necklaces for Dajin and Yuanbao to wear. Dajin wore a "big gold chain" that fit his temperament, while Yuanbao wore a very delicate tassel necklace. When we were all immersed in the cuteness of Dajin and Yuanbao, uncle suddenly said: "Hey, why is Wangzai crying?" We realized that Wangzai had been watching us silently from the side, and We even forgot to put his necklace on him. Wang Zai must have felt neglected, so he shed tears in aggrieved way. Let's quickly find Wangzai's necklace and put it on him. We comforted Wangzai and told him that we didn't ignore him on purpose, but we didn't have time to put it on him. Putting on the necklace, Wangzai immediately jumped down from the cabinet, walked back and forth in a grand manner, with his neck raised high, showing off his necklace, which made him feel better.

"Animism" not only means that all things have life, but more importantly, they all have emotions like human beings. They feel our concern and kindness for them, and understand what it feels like to be fair and neglected. We should really treat small animals kindly and fairly. Whether it is a pet at home or a small animal in the wild, they all deserve our respect and kind treatment.

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